Build Your Bitcoin on Secure Data.

Built on The Smartchain Network


Bitcoin Cash is a blockchain platform for changemakers,innovators, and visionaries, with the tools and technologies requireds to create possibility for the many, as well as the few and bring about possitive global change.It is a cross-chain oracle that provides smart contracts with access to economically secure data feeds on anything.

The current state of DeFi is mostly transparent immutable business logic built on data provided by permissioned companies and people.
Zero-cost Possibilities
Bitcoin Cash lets users borrow USDH for a one-time 0.5% fee. No variable rates. No interest charged, ever. With the interest yield on deposits, your collateral value can grow to negate fees.
Get up to 11x Leverage
BITCOIN CASH'S capital-efficient 110% collateral ratio lets users leverage up to 11x on their deposits.
No one (including the BitcoinCash's team) has access to users' funds. Limitless cross-chain liquidity It targets as many token pairs as possible across all blockchains while providing the best prices for swaps between any arbitrary token pair.


Privacy Preserving is at the Core of Our Technology

Participating in the Bitcoin Cash and receiving rewards to support privacy across DeFi and Web3 is easy.

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Interact with DeFi applications while preserving privacy

APIs, SDKs and Integrations with wallets, DEXs, aggregators and other DeFi primitives will allow users to experience a «privacy toggle» in their favorite DeFi services.

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Deposit Assets

Shield your assets from any blockchain into Panther Vaults and send the fully collateralized zAsset anywhere with complete zero-knowledge privacy. .

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Earn Rewards

The Bitcoin rewards Privacy Miners that contribute to the anonimity set of the Panther Pools. The more you deposit and use the services, the more you earn.

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Redeem Anytime

Easily redeem your original digital assets anytime. In doing so, you may also decide to receive them on a new address, preserving privacy.

Participate in Presale and Airdrop.

Join Pre Sale

Pre sale end in 19 June 2022.

1 BTCCASH = 15$

Get it now while it's cheap (MAX 10 BNB)

  • 0.01 BNB = 150 BTCCASH
  • 0.1 BNB = 1,500 BTCCASH
  • 1 BNB = 15,000 BTCCASH
  • 10 BNB = 150,000 BTCCASH

Claim Airdrop

Invite People to get 40% BNB and 100% BTCCASH on Every Airdrop and Presale.

Claim 50 BTCCASH
  • Referral count is unlimited
  • Get 100% BTCCASH & 40% BNB per referral

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Prove compliance without sharing underlying data

Generate zero-knowledge reports to voluntarily disclose compliance with select counterparties.

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Advanced zero-knowledge privacy and trust on any blockchain

Radical on-chain transparency is both a feature and a bug. Financial data became a commercial commodity, and neglecting privacy in Web3 and DeFi could potentially fuel the success of a surveillance society. We are creating the private, interoperable infrastructure that can restore user privacy while giving legacy finance and fintechs alike a private entry into DeFi.

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Bitcoin Cash Reward System

Bitcoin Cash offers all stakers and liquidity providers multi-reward benefits for staking and providing liquidity.

Bitcoin Cash holders earn rewards in BNB and Bitcoin Cash based on the amount they hold. Rewards are calculated and transferred automatically to holders addresses weekly.


Total Supply 100 Million

  • Name - Bitcoin Cash
  • Symbol - BTCCASH
  • Decimals - 18
Contract Address - 0x9bE069757fcc625aB9B943080ADAe6991A341f4C

Our Roadmap

Through our roadmap, we engage our community and provide them with utmost transparency. This roadmap serves as our future ambition and commitment to the success of the Bitcoin Cash

April 2022
Deployed a smart contract for $BTCCASH Token.

Beginning of Bitcoin Cash Presale and Airdrop

May 2022
Developing strong decentralized network with 800+ node worldwide.
June 2022
End of Airdrop and Pre sale and Listing of Bitcoin Cash on Pancakeswap exchange and major exchanges
July 2022
Deployed a high-quality Fast Bridge across all chain
July 2022
Launch BTCCASH Token On Multi-chain for fast Intergration